Thursday, September 30, 2004


My name is Rinata. I am 20. I am student and i am study in Belarussian State Univercity.
I like music very mach and i can play in piano. My favorite music is rock, becouse it its music for people who like life, speed and noisy cities.
i do not like cooking.

Good night.

My name is Olga. I am 21 years old. I am studing in Belarussian State Universit, in the faculty internationai relationship.
I like reading very mach and is my hobby. I lake read historical books, becouse, i thing, that ever of us must to know history of our country, our world. Also i like to read classic books. My favorite writer is Dostoevski.
I do not like to do sport, becouse i am very lazy man and is very bed.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Funny girl

Hello, my name is Sweta.

I am 20 and I am astudent so my life now is on the point when I should take the best from it. I don't find my study borring like many students do. First of all because I need it for my future and I take it sirriosly. But it does not destorb me to have fun, to meet my friends and spend nice time with them. The second, I am independent and under controll of my perents. This makes me feel free.

I am a person who has many interrests. I like to read different kinds of books. But sometimes I read too much and forget about other hobbies. I like musik a lot. But moste of my free time I spend with my friends for going out.

So, I like my lifestile.
Hope to hear you soon.


My name is Victoria. I'm a four-year student of Belorussion State University.I study international law. Before Belorussion State University I have studied at European Humanities University.

I'm very friendly and have many friends. We like spending time together. Very often we see each other and have fun. I also like travelling. But unfortunatly I haven't visited many places.

See you.



My name is Victoria. I'm a four-year student of Belorussion State University.I study international law. Before Belorussion State University I have studied at European Humanities University.

I'm very friendly and have many friends. We like spending time together. Very often we see each other and have fun. I also like travelling. But unfortunatly I haven't visited many places.

See you.

Hello, everybody!


My name is Marina,I am a student of Belarusian State Univesiry, I study international law, especially european law. I find my future professoin very interesting and international relations are in general very important in the modern world. Of course it is pretty good for communication!

I have many hobbies, for example listening to the music, especially pop music, meeting with my friends and of cource to have fun with them!
Studying takes a lot of time, but in free time I like to read books, they may be historical or humorous, in general it depends on my mood.

So, hope to see you again.

Take care,

I like sport and fun


My name is Marina. I'm a four-year student of the Belarussian state university. I study international law. This is my first year in BSU, before I studied at the European humanities university.

I realy enjoy studing law and want to be a good lawyer in the future to help other people to solve their problems with the help of law and different legal methods.

But law is not the only interest in my life. I like sport. I go swimming sometimes and enjoy playing different ball games very much. As for my free time I prefere to spend it with my friends and have fun with them. When they all are busy and I'm alone at home I just listen to classical, jaz or pop music.

Have a good day,


Hello from Eugenia

My Name is Eugenia,

I’m a student of the Belarusian state university. I study international law. I study law for 4 years and I find it really very interesting. I ready to enrich my knowledge every minute. That's why i can say that I am a sociable person.

I like to do different things and I want my life to be very colorfull. I'm fond of travelling and metting new people, reading interesting books, swimming, playing voleyball, sometimes basketball. I'm crazy about different unordinary parties, espetially open-air patry.

Some words about me family. My family is quite big (4 persons, but no there is 5 person (my sister's husbend)). I don't live together with my parent's that's why I always miss them. We see each other not very often, but when we do we have a lot of fun.

So, I think that you've get already some information about me. If you want to get more, please, commect me.

And now bye to everybody.

Take care,


Too early in the morning

Good morning,

My name is Alexandra (Sasha :)and this september I became a student of Belorussian State University, 4th year. I study international law and hope to succeed in it.

I am supposed to write about my likes and dislikes now. Actually there are a lot of things that I like and even more things that I don't like at all. It seems pretty hard to name at least a couple of likes and dislikes... It's just TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING. I know, I know I need to write something more about myself, but if it was not so early in the morning... I don't like getting up early. I hate scrambled eggs ("omlet" in Russian). I also don't like when it's cold. I like marshmellows, tea with cinnamon and old American rock'n'roll (you know, the Temptations is my favourite group. Remember this one "My girl..."? Well, maybe yo don't - they used to sing it even before I was born and they quit singing before I was born too. It was back in the "dark ages":).

I believe it's enough for now. Our task was to write an introductory letter and not a novel "About my-so-nice-self":). Besides, our teacher pointed out that my second paragraph is a bit bigger than necessary. So it's time to go.

Take care :)!

PS. If all classes are going to start so early I doubt that I'll succeed in law... Really, it's too early in the morning, right?

Something about Natalie

Hello, my name is Natalia.

Frankly speaking it is quite difficult to do this task decause I don't have any plan. But any way, I'll try to fullfeell it.

So, I am a student of International Law Department of the Belorussian State University now. But not long time ago I have been a student of the European Humanities University. For me studuing Law is not interesting now, I'd better study Tourism or Psycology.

Concerning my hobby, I am a big fan of aerobics. I am also interested in dancing and reading. Once a week I go out with my friends (most of our meetings are in night clubs).

I'd love to continue my Introduction Letter, but I am having a class right now, so, I have to stop writing.

Hope to hear from you soon

With respect


My Name is Henry.

I’m a student of the Belarusian state university. I study international law.

This is letter about my summer holiday. This summer I worked as a manager in the park. After work I spent time with my best friends. In August my friends and I made a wonderful trip on the lake Naroch. We swam, played football. On the whole I am satisfied with the way I spent my summer holiday.

And now bye to everybody.

Take care


Tuesday, September 21, 2004


My name is Konstantin.

I am a student at Belarussian State University, majoring International Law.

I like all kinds of music. Such as chillout music (ATB, Kay Tracid, Paul Van Dyk) but also i can listen some rock (Metallica, COY, Deftones, Korn)
Most of all I like to spent my free time playing Russian Billiard (Game called MOSCOw), PC GAMES (WAr3,q3,CS, Age of Mythology...).Bowling is fun too.

I don't like alchohol, smoking and studing. Because it hard to learn something when you know that in future it will be useless, like chemestry ,logic, phsycology, and the like.

I spent my summer holidays with my two best buddies Vitaly and Hleb. We were in Spain... This was cool;) Spain is a beautiful country...

Antonio Gaudi

Best wishes,

Your Music Instructor.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hello guys...

My name is Vera. I am a student. I study at the Faculty of International Relations of Belarussian State University.

I like rock music, espesialy russian rock. Sometimes i listen to pop music,clasical music. My favorite groups are Kino, Nautilus, Ariya.

I prefer reading historical novels. My favorite foreign writer is Alexandr Duma. Also I like Dostoevsky, Shamiakin.

I don't like eating much. For example, I hate ice-cream, chocolate, coffee. But I like different vegetables and fruits very much.

Bye for now,


My name is Yulia. Do you remamber me? I'm here agan!
How do you do, buddy? How do you do my University? I have not see you for two eyas!

I'm glad to be back. I love my friends and do some fan with them. For example to dance in big and nice nightclub untill four a.m. or take few friends and cake and coffee and visit someone at home. Surprize!!! It is fun, isn't it?

I love people and I wish peace to everybody everywere. I think we have to be more kind to each other. What do you think? Write to me.
Bye-bye from now.


My name is Vika. I'm a student of the Belarussian State University. I hope to be an International Lawer in the future.

Some words about my summer holiday. In this summer I visit Israel. This country is very intresting and wonderful. And I recomend to see this country.

By the way, my hobby is driving my car. When I have free time, I usually spent it with my friends.

Take care,




My name is Sergey. I'm studying international law and I hope this would be my future profession. This summer was wonderfull for me and my relatives because it was full of impressions. I spent the whole August in Sochi. This trip there was for the 3rd time. I had a rest at the Black Sea with a company of friends. Nights were very loud during discos drinking a lot of beer and red wine. We also arranged hot parties in the restaurants.

By yhe way I'm planning to go to the USA next summer. But I do not know yet if it's possible for me to do it because I wasn't granted visa this time. So this is my cherish desire. Besides I want to make some extra money and new acquaintances. To my mind that's very important.

Stay in touch, hope to see you soon.


Hi, guys

I'm Kate. First of all it's nice to see all of u again.

Here's a couple of last news about me. My summer holidays were great. I was in UK. I really like it. I use to study in college there, it was like english language studies. I hope they helped me a little bit.

By the way, I still need to pass my english and spanish exams in the university. I really hate learning law in english. I fill myself like a dumn. Maybe english is not for me at all??? And spanish as well:(. But it's only the one thing that makes me sad. I hope that this year I will improve my language skills, because of my teacher.

So how are u doing guys??:))


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hi, there

Hi there.
You asked me to drop you some lines about my holidays, so here they are...

First of all I'd like to tell you that i've been to the Crimea. Had a wonderful rest. I managed to visit a Kazantip opening. The weather was awsome and the water was milky.

It's a pity but I only had time to stay there about 2 weeks, but I wish i had at least a month.

See you,



My name is Natalia.I am a student. I am studing well and want to be a professional lawyer.I have good marks.I speak English and Spanish.

This summer I went to the Crimea and had a lot of friends.I like reading,listening to pop music, cooking, shopping,spending time with my friends. I am going to find a good job in a small company and practise my skills .





My name is Andrew... I'm glad to greet you and I'd like to offer you my note..

I'm a 4th year student of The Belarussian State University. It's a terrible damn to study in our University. But I've to say that doing nothing all the summer vacations is worse... Last summer I spent in Belarus... Instead of going somewhere abroad :(... But it was just a part of the curse given on me by my parents... I HAD TO WORK! 1,5 terrible months of hard work instead of joining my rest time...

But alo the were some positive moments... One of the is the successful end of my driving courses. I've done it and got my driving license(at last).

So thank you,

Stay OK...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello & Welcome


Dear Students,

Welcome to Upstream Advanced online writing course!

One of the main goals of this course is to develop your writing skills. To that end, over the course of this semester you will be asked to do a number of exercises. As each assignment approaches I will provide you with detailed instructions and handouts.

I have created this blog to make our communication easier and faster. I will also ask you to post your comments on your peers' writings. To post a comment, click on 'Comments' below each assignment.

Hope, you enjoy this new learning experience.

Best wishes,

Your EFL Instructor.