Thursday, October 14, 2004

Just a Reminder

Hello there:

I thought I should remind everyone that your first review is due next week. I understand some folks are having trouble getting everything ready. Don't give up!

You can do it in class. Just bring a floppy disk or a hard copy containing your final draft .

Please complete the survey which you can find at: and let us know a little bit about your life online.

Thank you,


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Writing Assignment: Reviews


Hope you enjoyed your first writing assignment.

Have you ever written a book or a movie review? Do you want to try it? You know what, reviews can be written about a wide variety of subjects. It is a special type of article written for publication in a magazine, newspaper, etc, giving a brief description and evaluation of a film, book, article, play,TV programme, CD, DVD, etc.

It may be formal or semi-formal and is usually written using present tenses. A successful review should consist of an introduction, a main body and a conclusion, which includes an overall assessment of the work and /or a recommendation.

Before you start writing, go through the writing chapter in your SBs and try to do all the exercises ( pp.42-46 ).

Looking forward to reading your reviews.

Thank you for your cooperation and hard work.

Your EFL Instructor.