Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Five Love Languages

Alexandra S.
There are many languages in the world. People all over the world use spoken languages, sign language, body language etc. Unfortunately not so many people know about so called love languages. There are five main love languages. They are: quality time, helping hand, giving gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch.
Quality time is very important for many people, especially children. It really is not hard to understand: people want their loved ones to spend time with them. It doesn’t really matter what they do together, they may go shopping, watch a football game, go out for dinner, bake a pie for family holidays or do whatever else one can imagine. What matters is that both people enjoy the way they spend their time together. Things of common interest are hard to find sometimes, but it is always possible. For example if I like watching movies and my sister likes shopping, watching a movie will be fun for me, but certainly not for her, she won’t feel appreciated. But if we go shopping together, we both will have fun and she will feel loved.
Helping hand is another love language. Some people feel needed and loved only when someone helps them to do something. For example parents can help their child with homework, or a husband can do the laundry while his wife is at work, she will definitely appreciate it when she comes back.
Giving gifts needs not to be explained. It is obvious that everyone loves to be given something, to be surprised. For some people gifts are more important than for others. If a girlfriend speaks “giving gifts” language and her boyfriend ignores or simply has no clue about it and never gives her gifts except for only Birthday and Christmas, they might face a problem one day. On the contrary, if he always has a surprise for her (and it doesn’t really matter whether it is an expensive piece of jewelry or a flower as long as it is put on regular basis) she will be always happy and willing to be “miss right” for him.
Words of affirmation we need to hear everyday. When we face difficulties, we always need someone to support us, but there are people for who words of affirmation are the source of their success. For example my Dad can says to me that I’m the best daughter ever. His words will inspire me to do my best at school, to be the best at home, to keep my room clean etc. But if he doesn’t repeat it as often as I need to hear it, I may start thinking that he doesn’t really care for my success and stop trying to be “his best daughter”. Unfortunately people often forget to tell each other how loved and important they are. Words of affirmation need to be told every single day, even if sometimes they do not correspond with the truth.
Physical touch is probably the most widespread love language in the world. At the same time it is the language that many people do not or for some reasons are afraid to speak. One touch of a hand, one warm embrace, one kiss can say more than hundreds of words. When a husband comes home after a busy day, he doesn’t want to hear a lot of talk. If he speaks “physical touch” language, the best thing his wife can do is simply to give him a hug and tell him how much she loves him.
We may speak all of these languages, we may speak one more than another. It is crucial to discover what language we speak and what language our loved ones speak. Once we discover it and imply our knowledge, our lives and the lives of our families will never be the same.

Monday, November 29, 2004

An Article of Marina K.

Prohibition of smoking: for and against
The problem of smoking in public places is a very urgent one. For many years governments of many countries tried to cope with this difficulty. At the end of 20-th centuries Europeans made a decision to ban smoking in public pubs. It is a great step, which however have lead to many debates. The first country, which passed the law that prohibited smoking in public places, wasIreland.But was it a correct step?

The difficulty means that nobody can give an exact answer. It could be claimed that smoking for one people is just a kind of relaxation (they are called active smokers), however for others it brings much discomfort (passive smokers).

It might be maintained that a person after a long working week has the right to spend time in a way he likes, in a way he has got used to & nobody is entitled to accuse him that it is bad for him. It means that if an active smoker wants to visit a pub, sit there talking to his friends, drinking beer & smoking nobody must prevent him to do it. Everybody has the right to have a rest, besides this person while resting does not commit any crime. The employers complain that the profit has reduced greatly, they have lost many clients.

From another side of course, people who are not smoking have also right to relax in the pubs & and they do not want to be suffocated with smoke of cigarettes. And in general smoking is harmful not only for the health of clients but for the workers of pubs too.

From the judicial point of view the law restricts rights of smokers to spend time in a way they like but at the same time it protects the right of nonsmokers to live in favorable environment.
Marina K.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Article 3

Work in England.
When summer comes many students try to plan where they can tavel and also earn some money. Most of us used to think that the best place to go in summer is
USA. But in most cases it's only because we never try to find any other options for work. This article may give an alternative adea of what to do and where
to work next summer.

Here and further we will talk about England as a place for work and travel. First af all comes a question: Why England? Well, may be it's not the best place
to go, but it can be a good alternative. Of course your income abroad depends on many circumstances, such as job offer, tax, hours of work, cost of
accomodation. But i think when you summarize all these circumstances you have more chances to find a good job exactly in England. Unlike USA work and travel
programs in GB Embassy you have more chances to get a visa if all of your documents are fine. Because when you go to US Embassy, your chance to get a visa
depends may be only on God's will. I will tell not you about an agricultural program in England. Because it's an easy program, everybody can go there, but
you will work like a slave and only in stated work in the farm otherwise you will be deported.
Pretend you have decided to go to England. You can either go to a travel company and choose their program or you can make your own program. Usualy your own
program is 100-200$ cheaper. To go to England without anybody's help you just need to find a college, pay for it, wait foк an official invitation from
college, make an appointment in embassy, collect some documents, go to an interview, get a visa, buy a ticket, go to England. If you want to travel with a
help of travel company, you just need to pay money, collect some documents also, go to embassy for an interview. Program costs something about 1100-1500$.
Now let's talk more detailed about Why you need to do some steps. You need to find a college, because that's gona be a reason for an embassy to give you a
visa. Normaly it costs 200-300$ per month. You can buy just a month of study in college, because anyways embassy gives you a visa wich is valid for 6 months.

Your documents are needed for an embassy to prove that you have enough money and reasons to come back to Belarus.
When you come to England you can find a job. Since you will have a student visa you will only be alowed to work 20 hours per week. But you can find a second
job and you will not have any problems. Averege wages are 4,5-5 pounds per hour.
Hopefuly somebody will find this article useful. If you are tired of USA and you don't want to experience this so-called american way of life then England
could be a way for you to experience something different. Something different where you can earn enough money, see some really famous and interesting
historical places (i don't mean Disney Land), and experience a real culture.
Plus an England program doesn't require to start it in October or November. You can start in April or even May. So you have plenty of time to make a
decision. Good luck!

The Role of Education in Modern Society.

Education is a major aspect of any modern society. If there is a deficit of educated people the society can`t develop and will stops in its further progress. That is why the government should pay serious attention to education in the country and support it economically and morally. It should encourage people in every way to raise their educational level. What is good about education for individuals?
Now more and more people realize that education is the best investment because well-educated people have more opportunities to get a good job, that is a job which gives them satisfaction and is well-paid. They have more hopes for promotion. They enjoy respect among their colleagues. Moreover, they can effectively contribute to the development of their country by making discoveries in various spheres by inventing new devices, by producing new medicines to cure people of diseases, etc.
Nowadays the ever growing number of people are not satisfied with their fist basic education and try to get a second or even a third education to meet the demands of contemporary society. They act according to the motto « Learn as long as you live ». Some of them enter higher educational institutes, some participate in different scientific or technological programmes, others attend professional courses still others search for additional information in the Internet.
They sacrifice their time and money and sometimes even their health to raise their educational level because they know that education is their passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
In conclusion I would like to express my personal opinion. I deeply respect people who are well-educated, competent and who-nevertheless continue to perfect their knowledge and skills. At present I am approaching the end at the University. And I intend to further my professional knowledge in every possible way so as to have more opportunities for myself and, on the other hand to contribute to the progress of my country.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Several Reasons Why do I Like Tennis

Sport has become a fashion nowadays. More and more people are involved in different sporting activities. They differ from yoga to bodybuilding and from rugby to curling. But the only sport I consider to be perfect is tennis.
Firstly, of course, tennis is a game. It is an exciting show, you can’t stand watching tennis sets once you came on it switching TV channels. You stay glued to the screen till the very end of the game. You barely take part in the competition empathizing with the players.
As every game, tennis has its own rules. They are quite easy and understandable. Watching tennis you feel comfortable and fun, because the game is not cruel it is just entertainment.
However, when you play tennis yourself the feelings are quite different. You concentrate on the court, ball, racket, net and so on. You don’t even need a partner. You can play with the wall, or pitching machine – it will be still tennis. You are disciplined and ready to fight. You realize that it is not just a game – it’s a sport. The best sport of all the times.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Is Mass Media Distorting or Representing Reality?

Is Mass Media Distorting or Representing Reality?
The mass media ( radio and TV, newspapers and magazines, Internet) are all sources of information about society. I shall concentrate on newspapers, the oldest of the mass media and the most convenient for the researcher to use. However this is not to underestimate the importance of news, current affairs and documentary programmes on radio and TV. In the coverage of up to the minute news, the broadcasting media have an obvious advantage over the press. Consequently the national papers now put greater emphasis on comment and special features, giving “in depth” discussion of the topics of the day.
Newspapers are businesses, out to make a profit. And most of them have a particular point of view on the main topics of the day. These factors affect their selection and presentation of news. For instance, the decision to splash a story on the front page will often depend on the extent to which it reflects editorial policy or seems likely to attract more readers. Consequently there is a danger that the reader`s view of society as a whole could become distorted through detailed press coverage of its more unusual or unsavoury aspects, including violent crimes and sex scandals. We often read about violent teenage gangs perhaps without stopping to think that such behavior is untypical of the mass of young people in our society. Ordinary teenagers, going about their daily business, are not newsworthy in the same way.
A paper`s political opinions are revealed in its editorial column, but they also lead to distortion of the news on other pages. As soon as journalists` reports are received at the paper`s newsdesk, senior executives have a whale of time to work them over and often to rewrite in order to bring them into the line with editorial policy (however with a certain grain of truth still remaining). Nevertheless, it is fair to say that political bias in the national American newspapers has declined in recent years. Owning newspapers has become less of a political crusade and more of a straightforward business operation.
To show any sort of profit, a paper needs to attract a great deal of advertising. This method of financing newspapers has an effect on the things that go into them. The ads themselves are kept separate, but they often have an indirect influence on the selection material. A company selling relatively cheap family cars, for example, will want its ads to appear alongside articles which appeal to the mass of ordinary people. Occasionally the influence is more direct, as when the advertising manager of a firm reminds a journalist that a favourable mention would be useful.
Different kinds of journalists may be in danger of misleading the public in different ways. Crime reporters admit to making payments to informers, many of whom are themselves members of the criminal underworld. Soch information often comes in the form of hints or clues, and it is hard to distinguish between a genuine story and one that is completely without foundation. Rumor and gossip tend to get printed when the demand for information is greater than the information available. On matters of public interest and concern, papers generally prefer to offer some sort of “news”, rather than admit that they have nothing definite to report.
One can make a conclusion that mass media are distorting the reality. Actually not only newspapers also other sources of information are not faithful towards the public.
Written by Ignat Sh.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Franchising. Historical Overview.(Article by Alexandra Vasilyeva)

While being at school my favourite season of the year was summer. Of course because of the huge vacation that made me forget almost everything that I've learned at school, gave me a chance to meet new friends, live through new experiences. I can recall on many adventures that I've lived through during warm summer days, but there is one that I will never forget.

I and my family lived in a 10-stored house far from downtown in a picturesque suburb of the city. All the kids in the yeard were divided into two groups: girls (running around busy with their flowers and ribbons) and boys (trying to smoke in the bushes and fighting). The existence of the two groups was far from peaceful. Boys were trying to steal our ribbons and tear apart beautiful flowers and we, girls, were complaining to our parents and splashing boys with water. But once the conflic was more serious. In fact it had influenced me so much that I haven't communicated to any of the boys from my yard any more.

One afternoon my girlfired ran up to me and, heavily breathing, told me that there is a kitten and it's screaming. We ran together to a small garden that was near the hospital. There was a kitten hiding in the grass! It was very small, hardly standing on its paws. OF course we were amazed by this sight and ran home to get some food for the kitten.

When we came back we saw a bunch of boys in the garden. They stood around the kitten and yelled loudly. As far as I understood they discussed the fate of the creature: to drown it or to stick a stone into its mouth. I was terrified! Tears ran down from my eyes! But we, two little girls, could do nothing--we were helpless!

In the end everything turned out to be fine--I quickly ran to my father and complained, he came to the garden and took away the kitten. As he found out the creature couldn't even see (cats can't see when they are newly born) and we fed it with milk from the shprits. Now it's living with us.

An Article of Marina Kotljar

Business success: mutual understanding with the client

Do you know much about business etiquette? Do you generally know what does it mean?
Such type of etiquette is not just an etiquette of business men. It is the etiquette of any person who wants to reach a great success, result according to his skill, energy & aspiration.
One of the most important problem during the negotiation or simply the communication with a client is the absence of mutual understanding. To avoid such principles you can follow some useful principles:
1. to posses a professional language. It is important for explanation of a situation;
2. to try to explain the information in detail. If you give the client a poor material it will lead to his misunderstanding;
3. to give the information logically, step by step. You must remember that you have the only aim while negotiation- to make the client understand what you want to say. It will help you to avoid conflicts in future
4. to attract attention. You must carefully listen to your client after your speech is over. It will also show your attention & respect to him.
So, I think these tips will help you to reach a success during negotiations, avoid problems, show you as a high-qualified businessman.

Friday, November 19, 2004

What is Friendship for you?

Friend... Who are they? How do they look like? Do I have friends?
I think that lot's of people asked themselfs these questions and not evetyone can answer them. Every day we mix with thousands of people. Some of them we like very much, some of them we dislike. But how can we guess who are our friend, who will support us in difficult situation and never let us down.

Nowadays the notion of friendship has changed greatly (espettially in Europe). People don't want to have friend because they are afraid to be desived. They are ready to live on their own without friend's help and support. The only valuable things for them are money and work. Sometimes it can be family. But did they ask themself a simply question: " What for do I work or make money?" At the end of the life you can stay alone and your money will not save you from your loneliness.

There are some people, who think that they are O'k without friend if they have a good family. But two this notion (family and friends) are vety clouse to each other. Your own family can't be good if you don't have friendly relations. Friendship in the family is the main key to success.

I think that person cannot live alone (without friend or family). We need to comunicate, to get new information, to cooperate, otherwise we will degradete. Communication is absolutly important for our "inner" development. That't why its is better to choose interesting friend, who can give you someting, but not in material sence but in spiritual.

Of course, you are free to choose you own live stile. But friend will make you live more colotfull and you will gain the sense of belongingness. Only friend will be able to see your personaly, your talents and they certain will value it. It is difficult to find best friend, but if you did you are a lucky one. It is a great gift from destiny. And if you have already one, certainly you will understand me.

An Article of Marina Zaytseva

Useful but dangerous!

Today more and more people are having and buying modern self-phones and use them so often and in so many places: at home, at work, anywhere outside and even unfortunately in the cenemas and theaters. So I can say for sure that self-phones became a part of our everyday life and for people who have self-phones it is hard to imagine even a day without them, because they start feeling lost and helples.

The wave of self-phones covered our life. And in this small, modern and beauty thing on which we depend so much we do not see our foe. So few of us even think of how our little friend and a connect with external life influences on our health. So much information is given in magazines, newspapers, TV, radio etc. about that dangerous influence on our life.

The first example of it is the fact (proved be scientists) that people who have self-phones become very soon so nervous reacting on every ring and every sound they hear around even if it is not their self-phone...

The seconed thing is that magnetic field of our self-phones harms our health. That is why it is not recommended by doctors to put self-phones near your head when you sleep or not to wear it too much close to your body.

The third thing is that it is also not recommended to talk on the phone while walking in the street. Because when you usually step on your feet you breath out and then breath in and this process is normal for your body and especially for your spain cort. But if you talk on a phone and walk at the same time you breath in a different way. It harms your health and later you can feel pain in your spain cort.

The fourth thing I can mention is that when you use your self-phone a lot and it has too loud sound it also badly influences on your hearing.

Unfortunately, despite we have so much different information most of us don't take it into account and breake the rules which scientists and doctors make for us to safe our health. Especially if you are young, you would better think of it now in oder not to have problems in the futuer when you would like to have healthy children and less troubles in your old ages.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why i like living in a big citi?

There is a migration from countries into the cities in nowadays.The reasons are different:finding of the work,studying,improving of the health.Although many of the arguments have been interesting.
First of all, as far as i am concernd,it is often easier to find the work and there is usually a choice of public transport,so you do not need to own a car.
On the subject of moving to the metropolise-a major change in a social life occurs.You are one of the special ones,you have made the break.All those famous places that were previously jast names in the paper or seen on TV become familiar personal landmark.
Finally,I totally agree with the view point that you are never stuck,life is never dull in the citi:always something to do,everything there on your new door step:discos,night-clubs,pubs.For those people who are culturally educated there are museums,cinemas,theartes,concerts
To sum up,in the city life is beautiful and wonderful.And only you should see this beauty and find it.

What is the secret of successful language learning?

I think the most important thing is that you really have to want to learn the lan guage. You also have to believe that you will do it.
Then there are other thing: of course you need to work hard and you have to be realistic- learning a language takes time, and you can not expect to know and understand everything in a few weeks.
Also, you should try to"develop an ear" for the language- not only to recognise the sounds of the language and to understand what people are saying, but also notice the exact words that people use and then try to use them youself.
Fo me, motivation is the most important thing. You have be ready to study grammar, read a lot, listen to English songs, radio and TV, and you have to do these systematically.
Finally, I totally disagree with the viewpoint that learning a language can be quite stressful, especially for adults. We speak like children and make fools of ourselves. But if you are motivated, you learn to overcome this.

Friday, November 12, 2004

“We are always getting ready to live…but never living”

“We are always getting ready to live…but never living”

I want to live, I want to live
The right to live my life
I want to search far and wide
Have the chance to winder why.

I want to learn all the secrets
The world has to dive
The chance to see it all
I want to live – I want to live-

I want to feel that I am real
To find a reason for who I am
I want to know that I belong
To learn what’s right and wrong

I want to glide through the air
Like a bird in the sky.
I want the chance to show the world
What I am before I die.

I want to be, I want to see
A world that’s good and free
I want a home, someone to love
To share their life with me

I want to have and to hold
A child of my own,
I want to live,
I want to love,

The right to grow old –
I want to live, I want to live
The right to live my life
I want to search far and wide

To know the answer why –
I want to glide through the air
Like a bird in the sky.
I want the chance to show the world
What I am before I die…
I want to live (by David Gordon)

All people around the world know this (I mean they know the fraise “we are always getting ready to live, but never living”), but none have ever tried to make it come true.
From day to day we wake up, we look at the same sky, at the same sun (and even don’t see the beauty of them), we feel the same busy.. from time to time we turn the pages of our organizer and this action seems to us rather simple, nothing special…just another page…that’s all. But don’t You see, it is one more day of Your life passed? And what have You done? Again – nothing special.
“A long life may be good enough, but a good life is long enough”.
The brightest example of this is Vincent Van Gogh. There is a book by Irving Stone The Thirst of Life about his life in art and for art. Van Gogh wasn’t happy during all his life, he used to have a number of periods of desperation. But in spite of this through all his career runs the theme – a love of humanity and of life. This love was the theme of his art as well, and was to produce one of the most intensely personal witnesses in the spiritual history of mankind. Even Van Gogh’s mental illness, which brought about his frequent masterpieces show his grest thirst of life and the world in it’s beauty.
You have the right to say, that You are not so talented to do something special for this big world. But I will tell You then, that You are. You are the best for Your relatives and friends, and You are really able to do something special for them. You are able to make their lives better and to make Your own wishes come true.
To LIVE (in a full sense of this world) – is to be satisfied with your life, to have something special in Your heart – something, that makes You want to live, makes You proud of Your life, and even when Your heart is broken, when it’s full of tears and sorrow, when it hurts and You feel lonely, it makes Your heart a burning star again. TO LIVE – is to have special talent to make each day of Your life bright.
“All You can – just take this life and live it
and never let it go ” (by Eros Ramazzotti and Cher)


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Writing Assignment 3. Articles

Hello everyone:

Virginia Evans in her book'Successful Writing' ( Express Publishing, 1998) writes:

"Articles are pieces of writing for publication in a variety of forms, covering a wide range of possible subjects. They may be intended for the general public, or a specific group of readers."

A successful article consists of an eye-catching title, an introduction, which outlines the topic(s) to be covered, a main body of several paragraphs in which the subject is developed and a conclusion, in which you can summarise the main points or re-state your opinion.

It would be great, if you could try to write one.

Before writing, read the Writing chapter in your SBs (pp 68-72).

Please, post your Articles to Upstream:EFL_Writing Blog