Tuesday, December 28, 2004

To:Dean's Office
Subject:making the total improvements relating to the students in the building at Academicheskaya,25

The question of making radical changes and improvements is raising from year to year. This process will always be underway if appropriate measures are not taken in order to achieve favourable conditions for study at the university.

Majority of students express their views concerning many essential problems. The most important for us is that we can not enjoy canteen for many years. Everybody understands it requires significant expences but we should also take into account that this is a very prestigious high educational establishment where a lot of students from China, Japan and other highly developed Asian countries are studying. I wonder what they are thinking about these shortcomings staying here for several hours 5 or 6 days a week.

Besides this faculty is widely visited by ambassadors, councils, other diplomatic agents of different rank from varios countries of the world. This should be in some sence the visit card of our republic. Noticed it, the foreigners and official bodies make the primary opinion which leaves much to be desired.

The other problem is that the price for making paper copy downstairs is pretty expensive while the same service not far from us at the colledge of communication costs 40 rubles lower for each paper. This is considerable difference. What is the reason? Are international relations students richer? May be this concerns to their parents in some part. But students are equal in their rights and obligations and the heads of the faculty should control the pricesequal with other establishments and make amendments.

Sure I should not be so negative to these facts but I'm just an adhearent of the students' reasonable views. Much depends on the rector Strazhev of course but reading newspapers I would not say that he is a brilliant professional. Finally I wish the future diplomats to study in the new modern building opposite the railway station some day.

Sincilly yours,

Juvenile crime

To: Crime court
From: Huraliuk Kiryl
Subject: Juvenile crime
Date: 27 December 2004

The purpose of this report is to show the problem of juvenile crime and to name the main reasons of juvenile crime.
The most horrible thing nowadays, as I found during the last year research, is that young people are more vulnerable to coming into conflict with the law. In some countries, for example, a survey conducted among offenders found that the main reason given for committing crimes was that crime was a “way of life”.
Juvenile crime rates are generally high where total crime rates are high and low where the total crime rates are low. Overall, the geographical patterns suggest that the more urbanized societies have higher registered crime rates, both juvenile and total, than do those countries where traditional rural styles and communities remain strong.
A greater number of young people in post-communities countries are seeking a feeling of connection and belonging by joining or setting up groups or even organized gangs. In association, youth have a high propensity for committing offences, usually acting together and often after excessive alcohol consumption.
Indirect evidence of the recruitment of young people by adults for criminal activity can be found in the number of registered crimes for which juveniles are charged with adults. In Russia, for instance, the number of these crimes tripled between 1990 and 1998, reaching 20,000 cases, in 1998, of adults who were charged for crimes involving children. Organized crime, including the illicit drug trade, has contributed significantly to this trend.
As we see, the problem of juvenile crime in post communities countries exist and we should pay attention to it, because the children of today are the grownups of tomorrow. Last year I found out above mentioned reasons of juvenile crime, next year, perhaps, some more would be found.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The city that never sleeps

If you are travelling to New York for the first time, expect anything to happen, except boredom. The only emotion that the place does not arouse is indifference. New York has become a city that can be loved or hated but never ignored.

Culturally, New York has more than 150 museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, around 400 art galleries, and more than 240 theaters. Broadway and the Metropolitan Opera are world famous. By the way there is one painting at the museum of May Danzig, the national artist of Belarus who lives in the same porch with me. And I am really proud of it.

The entertainment possibilities in the city that never sleeps are immense: there is a choice of more than 60 clubs, offering everything from jazz to blues, and hundreds of places to dance each night of the week. Hungry? There are more than 17000 different places to eat. Inside this bustle there are quiet places too: Central park is worth visiting and enjoy all its magnificense in the center of the mad city.
New York's greatest drama was played out on September 11, 2001, when terrorists crashed two hijacked jets into the towering World Trade Center. The twin Towers collapsed and nearly 3000 lives were lost.

Added to this there is the social miser: the homeless are just as much a part of the city as its soaring skyscrapers and oversized limousines.
This is the city of myths. New Yorkers do have a reputation for being hurried, even rude, especially at metro. And it's true. Its residents are possesed of a restless energy.

To sum up, New Yorkers have persuaded themselves that living under constant pressure is stimulating. This is what gives them ther edge and makes Manhattan the center of the universe. It also helps to explain why few people choose to live out their declining years in the city.

(sergey_M )

A young person of between 13 and 19 years old is called teenager. Being a teenager is not easy. It is natural for young people to want to become independent and look like grown-ups. Many people seem to be indifferent to their studies and social activities. And sometimes there are no people who can help them to find the right road. That is really dangerous because these young people begin looking for the easiest way to enjoy their life and to become adults. They may attack passer-by, fight in the streets, steel things. They become dangerous not only for other people but for themselves too.
National and local juvenile statistics show an increase in the number of troubled teenagers. The criminal justice system is overworked with hard cases and can not provide help for “at-risk” boys who, without direction or parental support, could likely become criminals themselves.
And this problem is very serious nowadays. I think the society must to help them through special centers for young people. Through love, hard work and discipline. And “at-risk” teenagers will build productive lives. But centers can not help everybody. So parents, teachers, friends mast do their best to prevent such tragedy.

Juvenile crime

To: Crime court
From: Huraliuk Kiryl
Subject: Juvenile crime
Date: 27 December 2004

The purpose of this report is to show the problem of juvenile crime and to name the main reasons of juvenile crime.
The most horrible thing nowadays, as I found during the last year research, is that young people are more vulnerable to coming into conflict with the law. In some countries, for example, a survey conducted among offenders found that the main reason given for committing crimes was that crime was a “way of life”.
Juvenile crime rates are generally high where total crime rates are high and low where the total crime rates are low. Overall, the geographical patterns suggest that the more urbanized societies have higher registered crime rates, both juvenile and total, than do those countries where traditional rural styles and communities remain strong.
A greater number of young people in post-communities countries are seeking a feeling of connection and belonging by joining or setting up groups or even organized gangs. In association, youth have a high propensity for committing offences, usually acting together and often after excessive alcohol consumption.
Indirect evidence of the recruitment of young people by adults for criminal activity can be found in the number of registered crimes for which juveniles are charged with adults. In Russia, for instance, the number of these crimes tripled between 1990 and 1998, reaching 20,000 cases, in 1998, of adults who were charged for crimes involving children. Organized crime, including the illicit drug trade, has contributed significantly to this trend.
As we see, the problem of juvenile crime in post communities countries exist and we should pay attention to it, because the children of today are the grownups of tomorrow. Last year I found out above mentioned reasons of juvenile crime, next year, perhaps, some more would be found.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dude, you've got to read this...

CNN article on dude. Extract below:

"A linguist from the University of Pittsburgh has published a scholarly paper deconstructing and deciphering the word "dude," contending it is much more than a catchall for lazy, inarticulate surfers, skaters, slackers and teenagers.

An admitted dude-user during his college years, Scott Kiesling said the four-letter word has many uses: in greetings ("What's up, dude?"); as an exclamation ("Whoa, Dude!"); commiseration ("Dude, I'm so sorry."); to one-up someone ("That's so lame, dude."); as well as agreement, surprise and disgust ("Dude.").

Kiesling says... that the word derives its power from something he calls cool solidarity -- an effortless kinship that's not too intimate. Cool solidarity is especially important to young men who are under social pressure to be close with other young men.....In other words: Close, dude, but not that close. "It's like man or buddy, there is often this male-male addressed term that says, 'I'm your friend but not much more than your friend,"' said Kiesling, whose research focuses on language and masculinity...

Historically, dude originally meant "old rags" -- a "dudesman" was a scarecrow. In the late 1800s, a "dude" was akin to a "dandy," a meticulously dressed man, especially out West. It became "cool" in the 1930s and 1940s, according to Kiesling. Dude began its rise in the teenage lexicon with the 1981 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

"Dude" also shows no signs of disappearing as more and more of our culture becomes youth-centered, said Mary Bucholtz, an associate professor of linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara...."

Friday, December 24, 2004

FIR Possible ways of making our life BETTER!!! :0)

I'm a student of the Belarussian State University and a must say that uor life here is not a crecker :). Let me advise some actions to upgrade it...
Firs of all sure a student is eternally hungry person so it's hard to imagine how to live without some place to eat... But, as we know, our departmet (elite by the way :) still du not have even a simple conteen...And now try share our feelings staying in the university from 8.30 till 10.30 without eating anything!!! And some teachers are very surprised... What's the reason of such a passive behavior during the leccions or seminares...
But it's a physical facts... Let's check our programm of studing... Each session we have something about 4-6 exams... It's an amazing number, isn't it? For example students of Belarussian State Medical University usually hawe something about 1 or 2 exams... 3... For them it's a very hard session... And as a control shot we've got a state exem after 4-th cource... Congratulations!!!
Developing our education is an actual issue... It's a basic fact of social authority of the state... But it's very sad to feel yourself a sort of laboratory rabbit :(

Thursday, December 23, 2004


To: Mr. P. Faulds, Principal
From: Natalia Martinovich
Subject: Alcohol
Date: 19 November 2004

The aim of this proposal is to present our suggestions regarding the ways in which alcohol threatens to teenager’s life and how they can protect themselves against it.
Alcohol is a magic drug. It takes away problems. Teenage drinkers are no longer worried about their pimples or sexuality. Teenage drinking is very dangerous. What happens to the grown up in ten years will happen to the teenager in two. Whithin a short time he will have become a hopeless alcoholic.
It is known that a life of alcoholic is shortened on the average by ten or twelve years. Alcohol causes heart disease and finally brain damage. When the effect of a drink is over an alcoholic gets nervous and aggressive until he drinks again. By the time he realizes he has got a drinking problem he has already reached the point of no return. He begins losing friends and is soon unable to carry on with school or work.
In many schools of different countries programmers have been started to teach both pupils and teachers the facts about alcoholism. Many people are helped by Alcoholic Anonymous, an organization of former drinkers who now spend their time helping other alcoholics to control their drinking problem.
Apart from the specific facts mentioned above, I am convinced that teenage alcoholism will decreasing when our attitude towards drinking begins to change.

Dear Mr. Sharapo,
Our faculty is very large and has a great number of students, but our library which is situated in the building of the faculty is not so comfortable. It makes our educational process more difficult.
In my opinion, for the improvement of our library it is necessary to take some things that could bring positive changes. Particle: computerization and categorization of archives, instant access to the internet resources, systematic renovation of the judicial information. It is also important to increase the number of reading places, because today it is a problem to catch the moment when the library is not busy.
With the aim of solution of foregoing questions, it is necessary to concede during the allocation of the area in the new faculty building more space for the library. Library, which will be equipped with the latest achievements of the technique.
Yours sincerely
Vika Dubrovskaya

Dear Mr. Sharapo,
As it has been proved by the latest researches of the student crime rate, it remains quite high and continues to increase. One of the main reason of the increasing hostility among the students is their dissatisfaction with the quality of the catering at our faculty.
Lack of food makes students more angry, they can’t proceed with the educational process and what is more important – unpredictable and ready for crime.
We are deeply concerned about the situation with the students crime rate in the area nearby. We consider, that the only solution for this problem is the opening a canteen inside or nearby the building of our faculty. This will release criminal tension and stabilize the atmosphere at our faculty.
Yours sincerely
Vera Dzikevich

A proposal of Marina K

To: Administration of Thermoelectric power station
From: Marina K.
Subject: Suggestions for improvement of temperature conditions in the lecture rooms of BSU
Date: 23.12.2004

1. Introduction.
The information below reflects the proposal to improve the temperature conditions in the lecture rooms of BSU, that to my mind, will influence on the degree of education at the BSU.

2. Law temperature
The problem of freezing of either students or teachers is a very serious one. It leads to the fact that students understand the given information much worse; they cannot concentrate during the lesson. All the time they have to think of how to get warm. I must admit that a great amount of either students or teachers comprehend this complex issue that is why it will be helpful to find solution to this stressful situation.

3.Spreading of illnesses
Such uncomfortable atmosphere is a source of virus . It provokes the aggravation of chronic ailments. As a result- change for the worse of organism. It will be reflected on the future carrier of students.

4. Electric energy
Another reason that I consider to be worthy to pay attention is a greater expenditure of electric energy because people have to use a heater. Besides, the payments are much higher.

5. Conclusion
Apart from the specific mentioned above, I personally want to recommend to organize special working groups for making windows warmer.

A proposal of Svetlana S.

To: Mr.Sharapo, Dean
From: Svetlana S. Fourth year
Subject: Suggestions to make uniform in BSU
Date: 23 December 2004

1. Introduction.
The aim of this proposal is to present my suggestions to initiate the use of uniform in BSU. These suggestions ere of interest not only to all of students, but also to the image of university. But off course they present difficulties to authorities of our university. In my proposal I will try to convince the necessity of this innovation.
2. Uniform is a custom.
We all know that allover the world uniform has been used for many years, even centuries. Nowadays in these countries it is well excepted pracsis and custom. If an educational establishment has no uniform it does not enjoys respect, reverence and popularity. Famous universities and colleges has its one uniform and very proud of this. Why than BSU – the best university in Belarus still does not have it?
3. Prestige of university.
To my mind, uniform influence on prestige of university because, first of all, it is quite expensive to provide every student with uniform. It makes people believe that this is elite university. Secondly, it makes students more self disciplined, so parents can trust this establishment. At last, uniform change the general ethical view of students and promote to cultural growth of young generation.
4. To equalize students.
It is very important for young people to look fashionable and not out of date. At the very beginning students try to show that they are the best. They make friendship in accordance with how the others look like. But not every student can afford nice close. We can not allow the situation when close will be excepted as an identified card of personality.
5. Conclusion.
I recommend that these suggestions will be taken into consideration in the future because the statements I have made have reasonable ground.

A proposal of Alexandra V

To: Mr. Strazhev, Rector
From: Alexandra V., Year Four
Subject: Proposal on establishment of 1-hour lunch break.
Date: 23 December 2004

The subject matter of this proposal is establishment of 1-hour lunch break from 11 a.m. to 13 p.m. for all students of the university.

Most of the students of the university spend six hours a day studying at the university. The necessity of the lunch break is obvious. Unfortunately students have only 10 minutes to move to another classroom and to buy something to eat. It produces several serious problems.

First of all, 10 minutes is not enough to buy food. Students can buy food only at a small food-court, situated on the first floor. There is always a long line of hungry students there. When food of bought students have to eat fast, which is bad for stomach. Besides, the food itself is not nutritious: it is mostly pastry, carbonated drinks and coffee. Large consumption of such food leads to health problems, caused by the lack of nutrition.

Pastry negatively influences the level of cholesterol in blood. Carbonated drinks, called by some nutritionists “liquid sugar”, cause dental problems. Consumption of coffee increases risks of gullet cancer. Besides, bad nutrition leads to osteoporosis.

All of the above mentioned facts prove that 1-hour lunch break is absolutely necessary. It will be useful for students and teachers to go out and have a proper lunch. Thus students will focus on studying, it will decrease tardies to class, increase a tendency (the negative factor of hunger will disappear) and amount of good grades. The university won’t have to build its own cafeteria. Students will achieve better results and thus improve the image of the university. But what is most important students, teachers and other staff of the university will have better health and positive attitude.

Your sincerely,
Alexandra V.

A proposal of Vika D

To: Mr. Sharapa, Dean
From: Vika D, Year Four
Subject: Suggestion for making a canteen
Date: 23 December 2004

The aim of this proposal is to present my suggestions about making a canteen for the students.

I suggest building a canteen in our university, because it is an integral part of students life, where we can eat or drink a cup of tea and talk. A student spends much time in the university (sometimes all day) and is need of healthy food. Different buns, which a student can buy in our university, to my mind, are not healthy food. Besides many students don’t eat buns and so they have to starve, that tells on their health.

Besides, it is very hard to study on an empty stomach. Because a hungry student is thinking about food, he can’t concentrate on studies and as a result he doesn’t hear the half of the words that the lecturer if saying and so he has bad marks on exams. So for this purpose we really need a canteen.

If in the university is a canteen students will come to the classes in time and won’t stand in the ling queue for bans on the ground floor, blocking teacher’s way.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above I’m convinced that existence of a canteen in our university will provide health of its students and thereby raise their progress.

I’d be grateful if you could let me have your comments on this proposal.

Your sincerely,
Vika D.

A proposal of Marina Z

To: Mr. Sharapa, Dean
From: Marina Z., Year Four
Subject: Suggestions for self-service using Xeroxes
Date: 23 December 2004

The information below is in support for having more than one Xerox in our university and also having self-service for using them.

It is well known that our library is not so reach in number of books. So that is why many students have to make copies in order to be good prepared for seminars and exams. So, having two or more Xeroxes and self-service for students of our university can solve problems of the high price of copies, long queues and being 15 or 20 minutes late for studies. One more problem is that the only Xerox we have has limited working hours that makes our students frustrated by the fact that at 8.30 a.m. they are not able to make copies of the necessary material. These problems can be solved in the following way:

First, it would be better if our university would have some more Xeroxes downstairs. It would make the everyday picture of long queues of students different. It can be made with the help of allocation of a big crowd of noisy students in small queues. So that will make the whole process of making copies faster and easier.

Second, it would be more convenient for students to have self-service. In that case they do not spend their time for explaining somebody what exactly they need to be copied.

Third, it would be profitable for both students and the university to have special cards for using Xeroxes, providing special discounts for fixed amount of copies. In that case the university doesn’t have to pay to special staff but have money from selling these cards.

Fourth, our students will feel free when they know that they can do copies any time they like.

According to many other students I spoke to, more Xeroxes and self-service would be a great success for everybody. And I have no doubt that this idea should go ahead to make students and professors more happy because the prices will be lower, the queues will be smaller and the students will not be late for studies.

Your sincerely,
Marina Z.

An article of Vika D.

Treat your job like relationship

Work and love are similar in so many ways: when they’re going well you feel fantastic, and when they’re going badly, you feel miserable. Yet there are basic principles to bring you happiness in both.

1. Learn to accept some flaws. You might have an hour commute, but do you thrive on the atmosphere and love your colleagues? If so, you have to learn to overlook the downsides. If you doubt, make a list of pros and cons – it should become clear if you’re getting things out of proportion, or if the job will never make you happy.

2. Be loyal. For employees to work well alongside each other, they should share the same “golden values” – which means uniformly working in the best interests of your company. If colleagues think you’re constantly looking out for a better deal, you’re bound to make the group feel negative.

3. Treat your job with respect. It’s important to value your job just as you would your partner. If you have no respect for your work and spend most of your day messing around, you’ve got to ask yourself “why?”. Just like a relationship, if you hate it that mach get out.

I think that if is very important to follow these rules. Because our success depends first of all on how much we like what we are doing and how we like circumstances we are working in. So if from very beginning we build good relationship with our colleges, it will effect on the result of our job and our moral satisfaction.

IgnatS - Report

This report is to present the recent workings of the penal system in Britain. The reason for this is that Parliament has recently voted on capital punishment, police chiefs have voiced their concern at the growth of violent public disorder and there have been riots at several British jails.
The British Home Office has been criticized over the rising prison population and overcrowding. Forced to deal with a steady increase in convictions for violent crime, it has launched an extensive prison-building programme. Providing more jails, however, merely tackles the symptoms, for the size of the prison population is affected by two factors : the number of offenders and the sentencing policy of the courts. Thus the government has also had to consider ways to reduce the prison population through the use of non-custodial alternatives.
Remission and parole system
The most widely-used device for reducing the number of prisoners in jail is the remission and parole system. This enables prisoners who have behaved themselves to “earn” their release before their original sentence has been completed. Some theorists believe that the over-use of this system has encouraged the British courts to impose sentence of up to a third longer than they might have previously, in order to compensate for potential early release.
Suspended sentence
The courts also have the power to impose a suspended sentence. Thus, if a suspended sentence of, for example, two years is imposed, the offender will not have to go to prison; but if he or she is convicted of another crime within these two years, then the new sentence will have the original sentence added to it. There is some evidence that the suspended sentence is used too frequently, with the result that the number of prisoners actually increases. Some reports indicate that as many as half of those given suspended sentences would not have been given a jail sentence for their first offence and are consequently sentenced twice over for their second offence.
Community service
Another option is the Community Service Order, whereby the judge can sentence a criminal to a maximum of 240 hours of community-based practical work. This serves both as a way of making amends to society and of avoiding the potentially harmful consequences of a period in prison.
The most common alternative to jail is a fine. Although appropriate for minor offences, fines are seen by the public as a too lenient punishment for those guilty of violent crime. Judges who impose fines are frequently the target of bitter criticism in the press, and are therefore reluctant to use this cost-effective and straightforward form of punishment.
Electronic tagging
The most revolutionary idea in the last two years is the use of electronic tagging. Ministers have decided to introduce a pilot scheme whereby British offenders will be forced to wear an electronic device while they are they are on probation, enabling their whereabouts to be monitored by police.
However, all these initiatives illustrate an underlying dilemma: by building new prisons and by encouraging the courts to impose alternative punishments, the government is trying to pursue two contradictory policies at once. The problem with increasing the number of prisons is that more places tend to result in more prison sentences.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To: dean of the faculty international relations
From: Rinata S.
Subj: changes in our University
Date: 22/12/2004

If one day I won a lot of many, there are a lot of things I would like to change especially at our University.
First. The elevators do not work the way they should. They are always out of order. At times it absolutely impossible to stick in, as there are too many people waiting to go up or down.
Second. A hungry student is socially dangerous. Moral: WE NEED TO HAVE CANTEEN O CAFE.
Third. I would use the many to sponsor the construction of another building. As to my mind there is not enough space for all the students.
There are just a few taken cake of. And I really have a lot of many I would probably use it for this purpose.

To: Minister of education
From: Olga D.
Subj: Children from Children’s home.
Date: 12/22/2004

Let imagine that I won a lottery. What would I do with it? I think I would spend it, or at least a big part of it for the good of my country and society. There are too many social problems in our republic, and I do not think that I alone can solve them.
But there is one problem that me feel unhappy when I think about it. That is when I see the children that do not have parents. There are alone, absolutely alone in this world,with noone to take care of them, to help them and support them. There are too mane of them in our government that doesnt have enough funds.
I would provide a better conditions for the orphanages. Provide them which food and elating and furniture, toys and books. And also if my many allows me, with proper education.
But probably the best solution would be to create a batter economic and social conditions for young people, especially young families. And then, probably, there would be less children with no parents and no home.

Merry Christmas!

Hello there:

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New 2005!

Enjoy your Christmas break!



Dear Mr.Marshall,
Keeping in mind our previous discussion I would like to refer to the question of widening Christmas break terms for BSU students. It is very hard to underestimate the importance of time off school around Christmas - New Year holidays and its affect on students.
The annual studies of educational process within BSU show clearly that the end of the year is the time when most students are particularly stressed out as a result of semester-long studies and the happenings of the whole year. Besides Christmas (both, on December 25 and January 7) and New Year’s Eve are the events that no student want to miss. Holiday preparations are universal and time consuming, and of course all students want to be free of their duties during this time. Thus it seems quite reasonable to end the semester and exams before December 20th and start a new one after January 15 of the next year.
The results of the BSU students poll show that after longer holidays students are not starting the semester being completely worn out; after they spend enough time with their families they feel rested, energetic, goal oriented, more self assured and willing to work. There is no doubt that this kind of attitude will help students to be better motivated during spring semester and will contribute to their studies, good outcome at exams and of course their future life.
Hence, I would like to call for your attention and once again underline the importance of three-weeks long winter holidays starting around December 20 of each year. It will surely benefit students as well as university authorities and professors.
I will really appreciate it if you could let me have your comment on this proposal.
Sincerely yours,
Alexandra S.
Chief Executive Officer.

There is but one race humanity.

There is but one race humanity and a man is its prophet. But is it so true? At first sight the answer seems to be «no». If we follow the definition given for the word «race», we will read that: Race is the large group of people of common ancestry with distinct physical features, such as skin colour( white, black, yellow), shape of head and eyes. But possessing equal ability towards cultural development the level of which is determined by the level of the given society. According to the scientific data there are 3 races existing: europeoid, mongoloid, negroid.
Let me take a look at the first component of the definition- «common ancestry»: those of us who are religious, or consider themselves to be, remember the story of Adam and Eve and the fact or creation. And if we really go into the matter there seems to emerge a positive answer to our first question- «Yes, it is». For we are not talking about the race of dogs or birds. And there in the Garden God didnt say: And we shall create a number of races according to our image.

Turn to the second part of our definition- «possessing the same ability towards cultural development the level of which is determined by the level of the given society». Here we are coming to the question of equality. Yes, we all are different. Many of us have different shape of eyes, bodies and the much spoken of skin colour. But we also possess different character, temperament, genes and set of chromosomes. Each of us. And each of us has its own individual finger prints.

So, it seems to show us or at least it shows me that the human race is the only one worth talking about. And we, humans, should live together and support each other. And the sad thing is that we so often forget about it. We are too busy deciding who is better and brighter and more intelligent.

Rinata St.

Film «The Passions Of The Christ».

One of the latest much spoken of films is «The Passions Of The Christ». There is hardly another one in recent couple of years that had aroused that large a diversity of opinions, and opinions that are that popular.
The plot shows us the last 72 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. 72 hours of tortures, slaughters, suffering. The performance of actors is very natural and powerful. The film is very difficult psychologically.
The film is full of bloody things. Some would probably call it too cruel and overcomplicated, and even appalling. But I would call it breathtaking and stunning.
Some people even died while watching it. That is one of the reasons why the film brought about the views that controversial.
My opinion is that this is one of the films that must be seen by everyone. But on the other hand, if one is too sensitive and emotional that it is a question to be solved.

Rinata St.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Extra Funding by Kate_S

To: Mr.Sharapa A.V.
From: Kate_s, fourth year student
Subject: Extra funding in BSU
Date: 13 December 2004

Dear Mr. Sharapa,

Due to decreasing level of attendance and progress of students in University I would like to propose you some measures to increase this level. It is our responsibility to make students interested in studying their courses. If we solve this problem we will get better attendance and better knowledge of students.

Since we have some extra funding this year, let’s use it for the future improvement of our education. I think we should start with simple things. My recent research showed that many students of our faculty don’t want to stay more than 4-5 hours in University because they get hungry. The best way to deal with it is to build a new canteen, which will provide out students with variety of snacks. The other problem that affects our attendance is lifts that permanently don’t work. Students have to stand in a long queue to get to 13th floor to their class. Some of them decide to come back later after one and a half hour for the next class. We should not just fix lifts every time, but buy new equipment. The other problem is specific for our faculty. It concerns our well-to-do students and their numerous cars. Our parking lot is to small to hold all the cars. Some students (or their fathers)J own luxury cars, which they don’t want to park to far away from University. It often becomes a reason to skip the classes. Widening parking lot can become a strong motivation for our students to attend all the classes.

I realize that some of the aforestated changes require a lot of time and expenses. But we should also realize that modern student experiences a lot of pressure and fulfills many academic requirements. Understanding needs of students becomes should become our main priority.

Yours sincerely,
Kate S.
Your student.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Some ways of reducing the numbe of pornoSites in The internet

It's a real crime nowardays situating porno in the world wide net... Sitting there it's really impossible to find some sort of information not cocnflicting with a great numbe of porno-links situating everywhere... Connection to some sot of search-softwae will be coveed with about 6-7 links to the places of porno-galleries. And now imagine that your childen,working with internet, will sure connect this colored advertisement. And, watching all this, we have an honor to shout that we're disturbed of social education of ou future.
And, what's the most terrible, the base of this pictures or videos is Teenporno...
My opinion is that such a situation is much more dangerous than any sort of crimes
Advertising such styles of social degradation provides uneasonable sources of Juvenile crimes solving this issue so clear that any comments ae not needed.

What do we know about school violence? (Maruga E)

Violence among young people is not new. What is relatively new is the degree and type of violence. Nowadays youth violence in the World has increased at an alarming rate in the last fifteen years. Homicide has become the second leading cause of death for persons aged 15 to 24, and the leading cause of death for African-Americans in this age group. Between 1985 and 1994, annual arrest rates for weapons carrying for youth under 18 years of age increased 104%.
But people don’t understand that it’s a big problem for everyone and government of all states should show that the problem is getting worse. Less than one percent of homicides and suicides among schoolchildren in the period from 1992 to 1994 were school-associated. With a school homicide rate of less than one in a million, the chances of violent death among juveniles are almost 40 times as great out of school as in school. The number of school-related violence is shocking and it’s still increase.
At the age 13-17 children are the most vulnerable. It is easy to influence on them, that why they can join different gangs, find criminal friends and so on. And how can parents prevent their children from such horrible things? They can’t deprive their child from communication with his friend, but how can they learn who of them are good and who are not?
I think that main problems for increasing number of school crimes usually deal with anger, hostility, aggression, rejection and stress in every day life. But how do children become malicious?. Usually parents don’t teach their children to be bad. Where is the source of evil? The answer is pretty clear. Most of the time children spend at school and the other half day – at home. Very often the climate on school is not so good, many children face misunderstanding, some children become objects of ridicule and so on. Of course, they want to strengthen themselves, that’s why they begin to commit crimes. By implementing comprehensive programs that improve overall school climate and reduce minor disruption, schools may be able to reduce the risk of serious violent incidents.
Another source of evil is TV and computer. Nowadays there are now news, films or games without violence. And even in real live crimes happen every day. Children get information very quickly, but sometimes they can’t sort it. "If every one take drugs why can’t we taste them? It should be interesting..." Sometimes they begin with minor crimes, but them they usually grow into big one.
We must save our children, our future from this evil invasion. We mustn’t leave children on their own. Parents must be always near to be ready to help and to explain everything in the right time, before it will be too late...

(written by Maruga E.)

An Open Letter to a Plagiarist...

An Open Letter to a Plagiarist...

Gold Sellar wrote a letter to a plagiarist. Please, find some time and read it. Quoted in full here it is:

Dear _______,
I know how to use the Internet too.

Please find enclosed the original version of the essay that you altered slightly when you handed it in with your name on it. I expect you to email an apology to both the author (whose email address is ____) and to me.

Copying someone else's work is grounds for failure in my class, as I warned our class several times. In many universities, it is even grounds for expulsion from the university.

In our class I explicitly taught you how to quote material from other writers, and how to paraphrase it. The very least you could have done, to avoid being caught cheating, and perhaps improve your writing a little bit, was to paraphrase the essay instead of copying it, making minor alterations, and submitting it.

I told the class that plagiarism has serious consequences. I also warned the whole class that anyone who plagiarises their essay will get an F in the course. I was not joking.

I am giving you an F in this course because you cheated on the final essay.

I hope you learn a lesson through this. I recommend next time, you work hard and produce your own work in a class. Cheating is not only bad for you as a student-not only in terms of lost opportunity to learn; I further doubt that any professor who knows about this situation will ever trust you again-but in addition I believe it is unhealthy for you as a person. An important part of education and growth as an adult is trying to do things that are difficult, and working through them despite the difficulty. In doing so, you find your strengths as well as areas where you can improve.

Cheating is not a shortcut. It is an insult to your teacher and university-yes, I do feel insulted-and a disservice to yourself. I suggest you consider this carefully and change your approach to assigned work.

I further suggest you not enroll in again in a course taught by me, as I will probably be biased against you.

However, I will not pursue any official academic action against you if you email an apology, written in English, to both me and the author you stole from. I highly encourage you to do this, and to think seriously about what you did.

Gord Sellar

Just a reminder

Hello there:

To complete your final task in writing, please read again Ex 6. (SB, p 96 ).

Off topic reports and proposals will not be evaluated.

Take care and have a happy holiday season.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Proposal:Gender Imbalance

To: EFL Teacher
From: N.M., Fourth Year Student (International Law)
Subject: Gender Imbalance
Date: 17 December 2004

The purpose of this assay is to present a future paper, which will be written in the nearest future in order to be presented at the conference.
Introduction into the problem
Nowadays the gender dimension of politics, problems of female political leadership may be considered as one of the controversial issues for the democratic transformations in the post-Soviet Russia. The political transition had allowed for women’s rights activists demand an end to merely declarative gender equality by state officials. It is necessary to evaluate the real effects and problems of women’s political leadership and civic activism in contemporary Russia from the perspective of increasing women’s involvement in political making decisions.
Focus of the future paper
The main focus of the future paper is to analyze the identity of women politicians, their strategies of political participation, and perceptions of women’s roles in the transition to democracy. My research will be based on some interviews conducted with women politicians and NGO’s activists in Samara region. The research will raise principal questions: what are the political priorities of women politicians and what are the effective strategies of achieving gender equality in Russia.
Distrust towards women
Political representation of women both on federal and regional levels remains insufficient. As Russian researchers say, commonly accepted world barriers are in use here. First, they name gender differences in political socialization, which cause weak motivation of women in this activity. Then comes unevenness in the distribution of different resources, which may be used by men and women, and this unevenness limits political possibilities of women in politics. And the third essential factor includes particular features of women’s course of life, demanding individual women’s responsibility for raising children and housekeeping. To the above mentioned factors researchers add the existence of discrimination, displayed both through unwillingness to give key positions in parties organizations and government bodies to women and through the predominance of traditional gender stereotypes, which cause distrust towards women in politics.
It happened quite recently that the problems of Russian women’s political self-organization, women’s social movements and also their strategy in the struggle for enlargement of women representation in power have become the subject of gender analysis. The study of political and social women’s activities in the Samara region raises other serious questions: what kinds of motivation and objectives of activity of women in politics can be traced? What are their political and social interests? So, perhaps, one more research will be need.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How do young people spend their spare time

How do young people spend their spare time? What leisure activities do they prefer? Music in combination with such forms of group activities as discos and concerts come first followed by the Internet, theatre and reading. Then come films, museums, TV and classical music.
Most of young people do not know how to plan their leisure. To use sociological terminology, their leisure Qualification is inadequate. But many of them have their hobbies, special interests. These help them to use energy they have and to realize their ambitions. However, many young people seem to be indifferent to their studies, social activities and so on. And sometimes there are no people who can help them to find the right road. That is really dangerous because these young people begin looking for the easiest way to enjoy their life. They start smoking, drinking, and even taking drugs. They become dangerous not only for other people but for themselves too.
The most terrible thing happens when somebody becomes a drug addict – a person who has a habit to take drugs and has become dependent on the drug to such degree that he or she would be very ill without the possibility to continue taking them.
And these kinds of problems are very serious nowadays. Many young people die because it is impossible to cure them. So, parents, friends must prevent such tragedy.

Possible ways of reducing juvenile crime

The number of crimes commited by the juveniles grows day-to-day instead of the expectations of the police forces of our country. Low level of social service, problems with education... All this raises juvenile crimes to the front level of actual issues in our state.
I really dont know what to propose...Creating more places to work sure will reduce crime level, including juvenile, but, it is not so easy to realize it. The state also have to organize some sort of programmes to improve the social education of the juveniles released to the group of risk.
So it is difficuls to say what else we can do to overpass this problem... I think that such level of juvenile crimes is a necessary issue of each state standing on such a level of development.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Art. 3 by Olia_D

About Friendship.
There is a very famous proverb: “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Without any doubts I”d like to agree without any doubt’s with it. And you???
First of all what make me think so is that the existence of the proverb. Because, as we know, nothing in the world exists, without any matters. And that is why, I suppose, the main purpose of the proverb is to be the guide in people`s relations.
Then my own life experience. I’ve already had a chance to check the proverb it. Because when you are happy, when you have much pleasure of life, there are a lot of people which desire to share your happiness. but when you are getting in trouble. And then you see that only a few people can give you some support. And only this people your real friends.
Our life give a lot of surplices and we should be ready to accept them. And only people around you can make you life easier and more happy. So try to find this people.