Thursday, December 23, 2004

An article of Vika D.

Treat your job like relationship

Work and love are similar in so many ways: when they’re going well you feel fantastic, and when they’re going badly, you feel miserable. Yet there are basic principles to bring you happiness in both.

1. Learn to accept some flaws. You might have an hour commute, but do you thrive on the atmosphere and love your colleagues? If so, you have to learn to overlook the downsides. If you doubt, make a list of pros and cons – it should become clear if you’re getting things out of proportion, or if the job will never make you happy.

2. Be loyal. For employees to work well alongside each other, they should share the same “golden values” – which means uniformly working in the best interests of your company. If colleagues think you’re constantly looking out for a better deal, you’re bound to make the group feel negative.

3. Treat your job with respect. It’s important to value your job just as you would your partner. If you have no respect for your work and spend most of your day messing around, you’ve got to ask yourself “why?”. Just like a relationship, if you hate it that mach get out.

I think that if is very important to follow these rules. Because our success depends first of all on how much we like what we are doing and how we like circumstances we are working in. So if from very beginning we build good relationship with our colleges, it will effect on the result of our job and our moral satisfaction.


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