Monday, December 20, 2004

Extra Funding by Kate_S

To: Mr.Sharapa A.V.
From: Kate_s, fourth year student
Subject: Extra funding in BSU
Date: 13 December 2004

Dear Mr. Sharapa,

Due to decreasing level of attendance and progress of students in University I would like to propose you some measures to increase this level. It is our responsibility to make students interested in studying their courses. If we solve this problem we will get better attendance and better knowledge of students.

Since we have some extra funding this year, let’s use it for the future improvement of our education. I think we should start with simple things. My recent research showed that many students of our faculty don’t want to stay more than 4-5 hours in University because they get hungry. The best way to deal with it is to build a new canteen, which will provide out students with variety of snacks. The other problem that affects our attendance is lifts that permanently don’t work. Students have to stand in a long queue to get to 13th floor to their class. Some of them decide to come back later after one and a half hour for the next class. We should not just fix lifts every time, but buy new equipment. The other problem is specific for our faculty. It concerns our well-to-do students and their numerous cars. Our parking lot is to small to hold all the cars. Some students (or their fathers)J own luxury cars, which they don’t want to park to far away from University. It often becomes a reason to skip the classes. Widening parking lot can become a strong motivation for our students to attend all the classes.

I realize that some of the aforestated changes require a lot of time and expenses. But we should also realize that modern student experiences a lot of pressure and fulfills many academic requirements. Understanding needs of students becomes should become our main priority.

Yours sincerely,
Kate S.
Your student.


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