Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Film «The Passions Of The Christ».

One of the latest much spoken of films is «The Passions Of The Christ». There is hardly another one in recent couple of years that had aroused that large a diversity of opinions, and opinions that are that popular.
The plot shows us the last 72 hours of the life of Jesus Christ. 72 hours of tortures, slaughters, suffering. The performance of actors is very natural and powerful. The film is very difficult psychologically.
The film is full of bloody things. Some would probably call it too cruel and overcomplicated, and even appalling. But I would call it breathtaking and stunning.
Some people even died while watching it. That is one of the reasons why the film brought about the views that controversial.
My opinion is that this is one of the films that must be seen by everyone. But on the other hand, if one is too sensitive and emotional that it is a question to be solved.

Rinata St.


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