Friday, December 24, 2004

FIR Possible ways of making our life BETTER!!! :0)

I'm a student of the Belarussian State University and a must say that uor life here is not a crecker :). Let me advise some actions to upgrade it...
Firs of all sure a student is eternally hungry person so it's hard to imagine how to live without some place to eat... But, as we know, our departmet (elite by the way :) still du not have even a simple conteen...And now try share our feelings staying in the university from 8.30 till 10.30 without eating anything!!! And some teachers are very surprised... What's the reason of such a passive behavior during the leccions or seminares...
But it's a physical facts... Let's check our programm of studing... Each session we have something about 4-6 exams... It's an amazing number, isn't it? For example students of Belarussian State Medical University usually hawe something about 1 or 2 exams... 3... For them it's a very hard session... And as a control shot we've got a state exem after 4-th cource... Congratulations!!!
Developing our education is an actual issue... It's a basic fact of social authority of the state... But it's very sad to feel yourself a sort of laboratory rabbit :(


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