Tuesday, December 07, 2004

How do young people spend their spare time

How do young people spend their spare time? What leisure activities do they prefer? Music in combination with such forms of group activities as discos and concerts come first followed by the Internet, theatre and reading. Then come films, museums, TV and classical music.
Most of young people do not know how to plan their leisure. To use sociological terminology, their leisure Qualification is inadequate. But many of them have their hobbies, special interests. These help them to use energy they have and to realize their ambitions. However, many young people seem to be indifferent to their studies, social activities and so on. And sometimes there are no people who can help them to find the right road. That is really dangerous because these young people begin looking for the easiest way to enjoy their life. They start smoking, drinking, and even taking drugs. They become dangerous not only for other people but for themselves too.
The most terrible thing happens when somebody becomes a drug addict – a person who has a habit to take drugs and has become dependent on the drug to such degree that he or she would be very ill without the possibility to continue taking them.
And these kinds of problems are very serious nowadays. Many young people die because it is impossible to cure them. So, parents, friends must prevent such tragedy.


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