Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Juvenile crime

To: Crime court
From: Huraliuk Kiryl
Subject: Juvenile crime
Date: 27 December 2004

The purpose of this report is to show the problem of juvenile crime and to name the main reasons of juvenile crime.
The most horrible thing nowadays, as I found during the last year research, is that young people are more vulnerable to coming into conflict with the law. In some countries, for example, a survey conducted among offenders found that the main reason given for committing crimes was that crime was a “way of life”.
Juvenile crime rates are generally high where total crime rates are high and low where the total crime rates are low. Overall, the geographical patterns suggest that the more urbanized societies have higher registered crime rates, both juvenile and total, than do those countries where traditional rural styles and communities remain strong.
A greater number of young people in post-communities countries are seeking a feeling of connection and belonging by joining or setting up groups or even organized gangs. In association, youth have a high propensity for committing offences, usually acting together and often after excessive alcohol consumption.
Indirect evidence of the recruitment of young people by adults for criminal activity can be found in the number of registered crimes for which juveniles are charged with adults. In Russia, for instance, the number of these crimes tripled between 1990 and 1998, reaching 20,000 cases, in 1998, of adults who were charged for crimes involving children. Organized crime, including the illicit drug trade, has contributed significantly to this trend.
As we see, the problem of juvenile crime in post communities countries exist and we should pay attention to it, because the children of today are the grownups of tomorrow. Last year I found out above mentioned reasons of juvenile crime, next year, perhaps, some more would be found.


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