Thursday, December 23, 2004


To: Mr. P. Faulds, Principal
From: Natalia Martinovich
Subject: Alcohol
Date: 19 November 2004

The aim of this proposal is to present our suggestions regarding the ways in which alcohol threatens to teenager’s life and how they can protect themselves against it.
Alcohol is a magic drug. It takes away problems. Teenage drinkers are no longer worried about their pimples or sexuality. Teenage drinking is very dangerous. What happens to the grown up in ten years will happen to the teenager in two. Whithin a short time he will have become a hopeless alcoholic.
It is known that a life of alcoholic is shortened on the average by ten or twelve years. Alcohol causes heart disease and finally brain damage. When the effect of a drink is over an alcoholic gets nervous and aggressive until he drinks again. By the time he realizes he has got a drinking problem he has already reached the point of no return. He begins losing friends and is soon unable to carry on with school or work.
In many schools of different countries programmers have been started to teach both pupils and teachers the facts about alcoholism. Many people are helped by Alcoholic Anonymous, an organization of former drinkers who now spend their time helping other alcoholics to control their drinking problem.
Apart from the specific facts mentioned above, I am convinced that teenage alcoholism will decreasing when our attitude towards drinking begins to change.

Dear Mr. Sharapo,
Our faculty is very large and has a great number of students, but our library which is situated in the building of the faculty is not so comfortable. It makes our educational process more difficult.
In my opinion, for the improvement of our library it is necessary to take some things that could bring positive changes. Particle: computerization and categorization of archives, instant access to the internet resources, systematic renovation of the judicial information. It is also important to increase the number of reading places, because today it is a problem to catch the moment when the library is not busy.
With the aim of solution of foregoing questions, it is necessary to concede during the allocation of the area in the new faculty building more space for the library. Library, which will be equipped with the latest achievements of the technique.
Yours sincerely
Vika Dubrovskaya

Dear Mr. Sharapo,
As it has been proved by the latest researches of the student crime rate, it remains quite high and continues to increase. One of the main reason of the increasing hostility among the students is their dissatisfaction with the quality of the catering at our faculty.
Lack of food makes students more angry, they can’t proceed with the educational process and what is more important – unpredictable and ready for crime.
We are deeply concerned about the situation with the students crime rate in the area nearby. We consider, that the only solution for this problem is the opening a canteen inside or nearby the building of our faculty. This will release criminal tension and stabilize the atmosphere at our faculty.
Yours sincerely
Vera Dzikevich


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