Thursday, December 23, 2004

A proposal of Alexandra V

To: Mr. Strazhev, Rector
From: Alexandra V., Year Four
Subject: Proposal on establishment of 1-hour lunch break.
Date: 23 December 2004

The subject matter of this proposal is establishment of 1-hour lunch break from 11 a.m. to 13 p.m. for all students of the university.

Most of the students of the university spend six hours a day studying at the university. The necessity of the lunch break is obvious. Unfortunately students have only 10 minutes to move to another classroom and to buy something to eat. It produces several serious problems.

First of all, 10 minutes is not enough to buy food. Students can buy food only at a small food-court, situated on the first floor. There is always a long line of hungry students there. When food of bought students have to eat fast, which is bad for stomach. Besides, the food itself is not nutritious: it is mostly pastry, carbonated drinks and coffee. Large consumption of such food leads to health problems, caused by the lack of nutrition.

Pastry negatively influences the level of cholesterol in blood. Carbonated drinks, called by some nutritionists “liquid sugar”, cause dental problems. Consumption of coffee increases risks of gullet cancer. Besides, bad nutrition leads to osteoporosis.

All of the above mentioned facts prove that 1-hour lunch break is absolutely necessary. It will be useful for students and teachers to go out and have a proper lunch. Thus students will focus on studying, it will decrease tardies to class, increase a tendency (the negative factor of hunger will disappear) and amount of good grades. The university won’t have to build its own cafeteria. Students will achieve better results and thus improve the image of the university. But what is most important students, teachers and other staff of the university will have better health and positive attitude.

Your sincerely,
Alexandra V.


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