Thursday, December 23, 2004

A proposal of Marina K

To: Administration of Thermoelectric power station
From: Marina K.
Subject: Suggestions for improvement of temperature conditions in the lecture rooms of BSU
Date: 23.12.2004

1. Introduction.
The information below reflects the proposal to improve the temperature conditions in the lecture rooms of BSU, that to my mind, will influence on the degree of education at the BSU.

2. Law temperature
The problem of freezing of either students or teachers is a very serious one. It leads to the fact that students understand the given information much worse; they cannot concentrate during the lesson. All the time they have to think of how to get warm. I must admit that a great amount of either students or teachers comprehend this complex issue that is why it will be helpful to find solution to this stressful situation.

3.Spreading of illnesses
Such uncomfortable atmosphere is a source of virus . It provokes the aggravation of chronic ailments. As a result- change for the worse of organism. It will be reflected on the future carrier of students.

4. Electric energy
Another reason that I consider to be worthy to pay attention is a greater expenditure of electric energy because people have to use a heater. Besides, the payments are much higher.

5. Conclusion
Apart from the specific mentioned above, I personally want to recommend to organize special working groups for making windows warmer.


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