Thursday, December 23, 2004

A proposal of Marina Z

To: Mr. Sharapa, Dean
From: Marina Z., Year Four
Subject: Suggestions for self-service using Xeroxes
Date: 23 December 2004

The information below is in support for having more than one Xerox in our university and also having self-service for using them.

It is well known that our library is not so reach in number of books. So that is why many students have to make copies in order to be good prepared for seminars and exams. So, having two or more Xeroxes and self-service for students of our university can solve problems of the high price of copies, long queues and being 15 or 20 minutes late for studies. One more problem is that the only Xerox we have has limited working hours that makes our students frustrated by the fact that at 8.30 a.m. they are not able to make copies of the necessary material. These problems can be solved in the following way:

First, it would be better if our university would have some more Xeroxes downstairs. It would make the everyday picture of long queues of students different. It can be made with the help of allocation of a big crowd of noisy students in small queues. So that will make the whole process of making copies faster and easier.

Second, it would be more convenient for students to have self-service. In that case they do not spend their time for explaining somebody what exactly they need to be copied.

Third, it would be profitable for both students and the university to have special cards for using Xeroxes, providing special discounts for fixed amount of copies. In that case the university doesn’t have to pay to special staff but have money from selling these cards.

Fourth, our students will feel free when they know that they can do copies any time they like.

According to many other students I spoke to, more Xeroxes and self-service would be a great success for everybody. And I have no doubt that this idea should go ahead to make students and professors more happy because the prices will be lower, the queues will be smaller and the students will not be late for studies.

Your sincerely,
Marina Z.


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