Thursday, December 23, 2004

A proposal of Svetlana S.

To: Mr.Sharapo, Dean
From: Svetlana S. Fourth year
Subject: Suggestions to make uniform in BSU
Date: 23 December 2004

1. Introduction.
The aim of this proposal is to present my suggestions to initiate the use of uniform in BSU. These suggestions ere of interest not only to all of students, but also to the image of university. But off course they present difficulties to authorities of our university. In my proposal I will try to convince the necessity of this innovation.
2. Uniform is a custom.
We all know that allover the world uniform has been used for many years, even centuries. Nowadays in these countries it is well excepted pracsis and custom. If an educational establishment has no uniform it does not enjoys respect, reverence and popularity. Famous universities and colleges has its one uniform and very proud of this. Why than BSU – the best university in Belarus still does not have it?
3. Prestige of university.
To my mind, uniform influence on prestige of university because, first of all, it is quite expensive to provide every student with uniform. It makes people believe that this is elite university. Secondly, it makes students more self disciplined, so parents can trust this establishment. At last, uniform change the general ethical view of students and promote to cultural growth of young generation.
4. To equalize students.
It is very important for young people to look fashionable and not out of date. At the very beginning students try to show that they are the best. They make friendship in accordance with how the others look like. But not every student can afford nice close. We can not allow the situation when close will be excepted as an identified card of personality.
5. Conclusion.
I recommend that these suggestions will be taken into consideration in the future because the statements I have made have reasonable ground.


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