Thursday, December 23, 2004

A proposal of Vika D

To: Mr. Sharapa, Dean
From: Vika D, Year Four
Subject: Suggestion for making a canteen
Date: 23 December 2004

The aim of this proposal is to present my suggestions about making a canteen for the students.

I suggest building a canteen in our university, because it is an integral part of students life, where we can eat or drink a cup of tea and talk. A student spends much time in the university (sometimes all day) and is need of healthy food. Different buns, which a student can buy in our university, to my mind, are not healthy food. Besides many students don’t eat buns and so they have to starve, that tells on their health.

Besides, it is very hard to study on an empty stomach. Because a hungry student is thinking about food, he can’t concentrate on studies and as a result he doesn’t hear the half of the words that the lecturer if saying and so he has bad marks on exams. So for this purpose we really need a canteen.

If in the university is a canteen students will come to the classes in time and won’t stand in the ling queue for bans on the ground floor, blocking teacher’s way.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above I’m convinced that existence of a canteen in our university will provide health of its students and thereby raise their progress.

I’d be grateful if you could let me have your comments on this proposal.

Your sincerely,
Vika D.


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