Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Dear Mr.Marshall,
Keeping in mind our previous discussion I would like to refer to the question of widening Christmas break terms for BSU students. It is very hard to underestimate the importance of time off school around Christmas - New Year holidays and its affect on students.
The annual studies of educational process within BSU show clearly that the end of the year is the time when most students are particularly stressed out as a result of semester-long studies and the happenings of the whole year. Besides Christmas (both, on December 25 and January 7) and New Year’s Eve are the events that no student want to miss. Holiday preparations are universal and time consuming, and of course all students want to be free of their duties during this time. Thus it seems quite reasonable to end the semester and exams before December 20th and start a new one after January 15 of the next year.
The results of the BSU students poll show that after longer holidays students are not starting the semester being completely worn out; after they spend enough time with their families they feel rested, energetic, goal oriented, more self assured and willing to work. There is no doubt that this kind of attitude will help students to be better motivated during spring semester and will contribute to their studies, good outcome at exams and of course their future life.
Hence, I would like to call for your attention and once again underline the importance of three-weeks long winter holidays starting around December 20 of each year. It will surely benefit students as well as university authorities and professors.
I will really appreciate it if you could let me have your comment on this proposal.
Sincerely yours,
Alexandra S.
Chief Executive Officer.


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