Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To: Minister of education
From: Olga D.
Subj: Children from Children’s home.
Date: 12/22/2004

Let imagine that I won a lottery. What would I do with it? I think I would spend it, or at least a big part of it for the good of my country and society. There are too many social problems in our republic, and I do not think that I alone can solve them.
But there is one problem that me feel unhappy when I think about it. That is when I see the children that do not have parents. There are alone, absolutely alone in this world,with noone to take care of them, to help them and support them. There are too mane of them in our government that doesnt have enough funds.
I would provide a better conditions for the orphanages. Provide them which food and elating and furniture, toys and books. And also if my many allows me, with proper education.
But probably the best solution would be to create a batter economic and social conditions for young people, especially young families. And then, probably, there would be less children with no parents and no home.


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