Tuesday, December 28, 2004

To:Dean's Office
Subject:making the total improvements relating to the students in the building at Academicheskaya,25

The question of making radical changes and improvements is raising from year to year. This process will always be underway if appropriate measures are not taken in order to achieve favourable conditions for study at the university.

Majority of students express their views concerning many essential problems. The most important for us is that we can not enjoy canteen for many years. Everybody understands it requires significant expences but we should also take into account that this is a very prestigious high educational establishment where a lot of students from China, Japan and other highly developed Asian countries are studying. I wonder what they are thinking about these shortcomings staying here for several hours 5 or 6 days a week.

Besides this faculty is widely visited by ambassadors, councils, other diplomatic agents of different rank from varios countries of the world. This should be in some sence the visit card of our republic. Noticed it, the foreigners and official bodies make the primary opinion which leaves much to be desired.

The other problem is that the price for making paper copy downstairs is pretty expensive while the same service not far from us at the colledge of communication costs 40 rubles lower for each paper. This is considerable difference. What is the reason? Are international relations students richer? May be this concerns to their parents in some part. But students are equal in their rights and obligations and the heads of the faculty should control the pricesequal with other establishments and make amendments.

Sure I should not be so negative to these facts but I'm just an adhearent of the students' reasonable views. Much depends on the rector Strazhev of course but reading newspapers I would not say that he is a brilliant professional. Finally I wish the future diplomats to study in the new modern building opposite the railway station some day.

Sincilly yours,


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