Monday, December 27, 2004

A young person of between 13 and 19 years old is called teenager. Being a teenager is not easy. It is natural for young people to want to become independent and look like grown-ups. Many people seem to be indifferent to their studies and social activities. And sometimes there are no people who can help them to find the right road. That is really dangerous because these young people begin looking for the easiest way to enjoy their life and to become adults. They may attack passer-by, fight in the streets, steel things. They become dangerous not only for other people but for themselves too.
National and local juvenile statistics show an increase in the number of troubled teenagers. The criminal justice system is overworked with hard cases and can not provide help for “at-risk” boys who, without direction or parental support, could likely become criminals themselves.
And this problem is very serious nowadays. I think the society must to help them through special centers for young people. Through love, hard work and discipline. And “at-risk” teenagers will build productive lives. But centers can not help everybody. So parents, teachers, friends mast do their best to prevent such tragedy.


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